Saturday, June 14, 2014

Weekend Wear: Pink on Pink

Top: Cotton On (similar here)  Shorts: old H&M (similar here)  Bracelet: Icing (similar here) & Ann Taylor    Necklace:  Ann Taylor   Shoes: Ann Taylor (similar here)

Color on color can be difficult because getting the shades to match can be tricky, but my rule is to stay in the same basic color tone (cool or warm) for an easy pairing. This is a great weekend look to wear just about anywhere: to the beach, the backyard, the grocery store, or just around the house.

Just be sure not to get into SHORT short territory. This is about a small an inseam as I am willing to wear comfortably because any less and things get un-ladylike. I hope you have a lovely Saturday!


1 comment:

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